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Decide and explore the consequences of your decisions.

E-motion is the first platform based on emotion and repetition, designed to master audience engagement and transformation.

Turn behaviors into habits through an authentic interactive experience in which users learn and take decisions, engaged by exciting stories.

Employee Engagement

  • Improve your employee experience
  • Train high-performance teams
  • Improve the effectiveness of the sales force
  • Train leadership and develop talent
  • Improve your on-boarding process
  • Deploy cultures

Customer Engagement

  • Improve your customer experience
  • Facilitate multichannel experience
  • Engage your audience with interactive content
  • Encourage participation and spread knowledge in society

Decide, now or never…

Funny stories, exciting challenges

E-motion allows the transformation of challenges into fiction, generating a context of high participation and engagement.

Experience the impact of your decisions

E-motion creates a secure changing environment, where users can get to know and experience the consequences of their decisions in an alternative reality.

From spectator to player

Fight against the clock, overcome the challenges and become the user or team of the year.

From anywhere, from any device

At work, at the bus stop, at the airport, at home with your family, get connected from anywhere and from any device, play and share E-motion.

Connect with the real world

E-motion can be integrated with external systems so you can take your decisions to the real world and be part of the competition.

Some of our best clients…

Boehringer Ingelheim
Leroy Merlin
Gas Natural
Bristol-Myers Squibb
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